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Grantham Ark

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Published on Thursday, 10 October 2019 15:36

Over the last few years we have begun to see sadly an increasing number of people who are homeless with little or no provision in the district.  At the moment the only response that the clergy and members of Grantham Passage can do in an emergency situation is to send people to either Lincoln, Nottingham or Peterborough to access emergency accommodation.

The reasons why people find themselves homeless are varied and not simply as a result of substance abuse, which is often the misconceived understanding about why people are having to sleep on the streets, in tents or sofa surfing.

In response to this challenge a number of representatives from churches across Grantham have got together and are planning the way forward.

Grantham Ark Winter Night Shelter - St Wulfram’s, Harrowby Lane Methodist Church and St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church will be opening their doors to allow people who are homeless to sleep in their churches.

This will start on Monday 6 January each night, and each week one of the churches will take it in turn to host those who are homeless.

However, to make this happen, it needs to be a cross community initiative, when the whole community comes together to be able to support those who are vulnerable in our town.

Fr Stuart and the ‘Grantham Ark’ committee will be approaching community groups and individuals to come and help support this initiative as volunteers will be required to help each night at each location – which amounts to potentially a very large number of volunteers.  We sincerely hope that people will recognise this need and respond. Those interested in responding to this call to action should email

A training day with 3 sessions was held on 11 December for those who wanted to volunteer for the Winter Night Shelter.  This was a great success and a further training session will be held on Saturday 11 January from 10:00am to 1:00pm at St Wulfram's Church.  It is important that those who are willing to offer their time to help the homeless off the streets come to this training which will be provided by INN Churches, which is an initiative based in Bradford.  If you would like to help please do come along to the training session.