Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come

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Published on Wednesday, 20 May 2020 09:48

We have here for you information about the Prayer Initiative, Thy Kingdom Come, that begins on Ascension Day, this Thursday 21 May, and runs until Pentecost, Sunday 31 May.

Ascension Day and Pentecost are very important days in the Christian year.

Ascension Day is the day we remember Jesus’ ascension (rising) to heaven to be with God the Father which we read about in Luke 24:44-53 and in The Acts of the Apostles 1:1-11.

One of the important things that Jesus said to the disciples was that once he had ascended and was no longer with them on earth they were to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit to come upon them. This is what we celebrate at Pentecost. On that day the disciples received the Holy Spirit within them, to empower them to be witnesses to everyone about the love of God.

This was not just for the disciples then, but it is for us too now! As Christians the Holy Spirit is with us and in us. The Holy Spirit is described in a number of different ways, the Comforter, the Intercessor, the Advocate, the Counsellor. Some of the images we often use to depict the Holy Spirit are the dove which brings peace and comfort, fire which is the flame that warms us, wind that stirs us and challenges us, and water that sustains and refreshes us.

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that has grown since it first began in 2016. The idea behind it is that during the time between Ascension and Pentecost, Christians pray for more people to come to know Jesus and the love and power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Just as the first disciples waited and prayed together after Jesus’ ascension, so we are invited to pray. This year we are invited to make a list of 5 people to pray for, that they may come to know Jesus. Praying together for people to come to know the love, hope and peace found in Christ is at the heart of Thy Kingdom Come.

There are a number of resources that have been produced to encourage and help us as we pray.

St. Wulfram's Labyrinth - A labyrinth is a bit like a maze, but there are no wrong turns so it is not possible to get lost. This frees you up to follow the path. Our labyrinth has 7 circuits round it before reaching the inner space. Walking the path it will sometimes feel like you are getting closer to the centre, and sometimes like you are getting further away. Trust the path, it will get you there! At the centre pause a while and rest. When you are ready, walk back out of the labyrinth the way you came. Download the special instructions HERE to walk the labyrinth.

Prayer Journal - There is a prayer journal that has daily readings and reflections with space to record them. This can be downloaded HERE if you want to type your reflections into the journal rather than print it off see the image HERE which shows where you can 'fill and sign'.

The ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ App that you can download from your app store.



Family Adventure Map - There is an interactive family prayer map available. This uses augmented reality and has lots of fun games as part of it.

The introduction to the Map

Family Adventure Prayer Map  App instructions  Bonus activities  Map notes page

Novena Booklet

In addition to this there is also a Novena booklet called Listening on the Way, which has been produced by the Diocese of Canterbury. A Novena is an ancient tradition of devotional praying in Christianity, consisting of private or public prayers repeated for nine successive days or weeks. There are nine days between Ascension and Pentecost and this booklet has an image, Bible reading and prayer for each day. There will be a film on St Wulfram's YouTube channel each day that will be a guided prayer using the material. The booklet can be downloaded HERE.

Pray Together - If everyone could commit to praying at either 9am, 12noon or 6pm, we would as a community be holding people in prayer together.

Light Up Grantham and Manthorpe in Prayer

Jesus Christ is the light of the world and we are called to be the light of the world as we bear His image. Let’s light up the world in prayer during these 11 days! Visit the ‘Light Up the World’ prayer section on the website to find resources to equip you to take part.



Prayer and Care

People have shown immense love and kindness as they serve the most vulnerable during this unprecedented time. As a result, there is a new strand to this year’s Thy Kingdom Come. As we pray for those we know and love to become followers of Jesus, how could we safely and responsibly demonstrate this practically? There are Prayer and Care packs that can be ordered for your household, or send one to friends and family to encourage them to join in. There are lots of other things that you could send to people if these feel too expensive.

There are other creative things you can do to help you to pray for 5 people, you could take some string and make 5 knots in it and hang it somewhere where you will see it each day to remind you to pray. You could put their names on your fridge, or somewhere else you will see them.

There are many different and creative ways to get involved. We would urge you to choose the one(s) that work for you and let’s join together as a Christian community and pray for people to come to know Jesus and his great love for them.

Let’s us know what you are doing, it is wonderful to encourage each other!