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Wulfram 2020

It is with great sadness that both the Abbot of St Wandrille and Fr Stuart have taken the difficult decision to postpone the Wulfram Celebrations this Friday (20th March).

This decision has not been taken lightly but done with what we hope are the best intensions.

Although the border to France is still open, the Abbey of St Wandrille is in lock down, the situation here is changing daily and the situation in France is very serious.

The generous act of trust in bringing the last relic of Wulfram to Grantham, from the Abbot and community of St Wandrille, is a remarkable and unique testament to the shared faith we have. Within this we are agreed in our belief that we need to play our part in reducing any possible risk to human health.

The communities of St Wandrille and St Wulfram’s are united in a shared history around Wulfram, and the faith he shared. We hold in prayer all those affected by the Coronavirus, and the medical personnel who will have the heavy load of ministering to those in need.

Fr Stuart Cradduck

Rector & Rural Dean of Grantham, Vicar of Manthorpe.


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2020 marks a very significant year in the history of this ancient site of pilgrimage and prayer.  In 2020 we mark the 1300th anniversary of the death of our Patron, St Wulfram.  Not many churches can date the year of their patron’s death, but the 20th March marks the date of Wulfram’s death and 15th October, the date we celebrate St Wulfram’s Day here in Grantham is the anniversary of the translation of his relics.

It would be a huge failing of us, as a community, if we were to ignore this important milestone in our long history, and so we have a number of events and celebrations lines up to mark this incredibly important year.

On 20th March 2020 +Dom Jean-Charles Nault, Abbot of Wandrille, will bring to St Wulfram’s the relic of Wulfram.  The relic will then be kept at St Wulfram’s for a time during our celebration year.

This is truly a rare and very special privilege, not only of the recognition of the Roman Catholic Community in France to an Anglican Church, but also a significant sign of friendship and trust in us as a community of faith.  A faith which goes beyond geographical and political bounds.

I very much hope that this year is truly a year in which we, as a community, celebrate our patron and our love of God.  That we may continue to grow in our faith and understanding of the God who inspired Wulfram to leave the comfort of his life as an Archbishop to show others the life and love of God.

Fr Stuart

Rector of Grantham

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