Children, Youth and Families | St Wulfram, Grantham

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Children, Youth and Families

St Wulfram’s is a church community that appreciates how we can all learn from children and young people. To help us all grow in faith and community we regularly put on various events specifically designed for children and young people.

Wulfram Family Fun Days

Families come in all shapes and sizes and so we wish to welcome everyone to these events, to be part of the wider family of St Wulfram.  We have held a treasure hunt, family breakfast and  a board game bonanza, which were awesome. Due to its huge success, we will be hosting another Board Game Bonanza on Saturday 14th May between 9:00-11:00am. Games will be suitabile for ages 6+ and the Coffee Shop will be open serving refreshments. Do come along for a fun filled morning and make some new friends!


Children & Young People