Church Services

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The files within this link will be updated weekly to reflect the forthcoming Facebook broadcasts.

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The Church of England made an announcement on 17th March 2020 that greatly challenges us as a gathered community.  Your clergy are, however, confident that the response to this situation will still enable us to develop our common life together - but just not in the direction we thought.

With immediate effect, all public acts of worship were to be suspended.  The clergy had already made the decision to suspend all midweek services but following the statement from the Archbishops this now sadly includes Sundays.

What does this mean for us at St Wulfram’s?

Following the announcement by the Prime Minster on Monday 23rd March the church building is closed.  

Congregations are not able to attend church for services, but to join in virtually via other means.  Therefore, from Sunday 22nd March 2020 services are being broadcast on Facebook.

How do I join in the services online?

If you are already on Facebook, all you need to do is ‘like’ the St Wulfram’s Facebook site; and, when the service starts at 9:30am, you will be able to join our dispersed community via the live stream.

The Community news will be emailed out on Fridays along with the Sunday order of service.  

What if I'm not on Facebook?  And why just Facebook?

We understand that some people don't like the idea of Facebook; however, with the numbers of people who already follow St Wulfram’s, it seems the most logical means of communication.  You can register to use Facebook and simply just ‘like’ St Wulfram’s for the period of time moving forward.   Doing this will also give you access to the other suggestions we plan to start introducing into these uncharted waters.



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Below are the details of what would be our 'normal' services.

For the time being these are all suspennded due to COVID 19. 

Please see the details above about how you can join in with the Facebook broadcasts.


08.00am Eucharist without music, using Common Worship or the Book of Common Prayer alternately week by week.

09.30am Parish Eucharist uses Common Worship with our outstanding choir of children and adults leading the sung worship.

Sunday Club meets every week during term. Children arrive with their parents and leave during the service to their activities and then rejoin the congregation at the Lord’s Prayer.

Family Eucharist - on the first Sunday of each month our Parish Eucharist is replaced with a more informal Family Eucharist or Parade Service (with the Scout and Guide groups), which is ideal for families with younger children.

11.00am Choral Eucharist on the first Sunday of the month is sung by our choirs. This service uses the full liturgical heritage of the Church of England. Incense is used; and our choirs sing the ‘Mass setting’.

6.30pm Choral Evensong sung every Sunday apart from the first Sunday of the month by one of our five wonderful choirs. (Evening Prayer takes place on the first Sunday of the Month.)

Mid Week Services

Tuesday 12.00noon Eucharist without music.
Wednesday 10.30am Iona Eucharist (second Wednesday of each month).
  10.30am All other Wednesdays - Eucharist without music.
Friday 12.00noon  Exposition and Benediction (in the Crypt)
  5.15pm Choral Evensong (in the Lady Chapel during school term time)